Friday, September 23, 2011


Just discovered:

So, I mean, obviously, someone needs to take me.

Maui even has un jumeau who lives there!

note to self: procure a leafy headdress for my dog.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cohab tales, episode one

So I moved in with my boyfriend.  The experience so far has been absolutely wonderful (no sarcasm, promise).  We've lived apart for three years, and finally being in the same city, in the same little house, is really very nice.

There are, of course, some things to get used to.  And because I do not want to turn into a naggy, bitchy, grouchy person, I am trying to express my concern over certain undesirable lifestyle habits in passive-aggressive creative, light-hearted ways, that hopefully also get the point across and inspire real - yet nondramatic - change.

Exhibit A - E-Mail, sent this morning:


an installation sculpture by the modernist newcomer, Christopher [hislastname]

three damp towels that were pain-stakingly cleaned and dried by the artist's loving girlfriend mere days before;
rapidly multiplying cells of obligate parasites in the species of fungi in the order erysiphales;
flippant disdain

Showing at the [ourhomeaddress] Gallery, now through when the artist again desires adult nighttime activities

 sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy friday!

source via

Happy long weekend!  And a very very happy birthday weekend to my two favorite Elizabeths:

It breaks my heart to not spend birthdays with two girls who have made my own birth celebrations so special - case in point:

23 years, no tears.


Hopefully they will forgive me my absence as I travel to Charlotte to get some pre-moving-things taken care of, and then Holden Beach to celebrate the birth of Our Great Nation. 

I can get all lefty-lib with the best of 'em, but I am extremely proud and grateful to have grown up with the freedoms and rights afforded to Americans, and to live in a country where citizens are free to voice their opinions and make real change when they disagree with the status quo.  Plus, we murked bin laden. 'murica.

With that said, I wish all both of you a happy and relaxing weekend, replete with illegal colored explosives, grilled meats, and BEER.


Monday, June 27, 2011


So, as I mentioned, I've been kind of under the weather lately, and these badass antibiotics I'm on (3x/day, 14 days)  have a scary "DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL OR YOU WILL DIE" warning, so I've had to tone down the debauchery a bit. This is a bummer, obviously, but it's opened up a ton of time to indulge my nerdy side with the following new obsessions:

YOUGUYS.  This is so good.  And don't take this from someone who is openly obsessed with enthusiastic about a British boy-wizard and who will also in certain circles, when pressed, reveal that she's on Team Jacob.  That person has questionable taste/credibility (unless you share those traits with me - in that case, just skip this post and buy the book NOW).

Instead, take it from someone who finds Emily Giffin books insufferable (but will read them while tipsy on the beach if nothing else is available), read/enjoyed Pillars of the Earth (albeit sans papal funeral nightmares), and  somewhat stomached/understood Invisible Monsters.  Does this title-dropping up my literary streetcred?  Hopefully, because I am a Hunger Games zealot now and feel a need to INSIST that everyone I know jumps on board.

Need a reference point? It's basically The Giver for a (slightly) older audience, with more action, violence, tragedy, and a bit of romance but-not-of-the-cheesy-vampire-variety-I-promise. DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T LOVE THE GIVER - BEST. BOOK REPORT. EVER.

If you have a long car ride looming, the audiobook would be a great way to pass the time, but buy the paper/e-version as well because if you don't finish the audiobook on your drive you will end up creepily listening to it by yourself in your bedroom, which your roommates will think is weird (right Maggie?) unless they've read it (right Hawkins?).

If you're still not convinced, there's this:

JLaw looks bangin' as a brunette, Katniss is basically Ree but from the future so you know she'll kill it, and that cute guy from The Kids Are All Right will be playing her love interest, so obviously you'll want to know what's going on when this movie is all anyone's talking about.

At the other end of the nerd-spectrum, there's this:


My disclaimer for recommending this is basically the opposite as the one I used above, in that I am really not smart enough for this PBS Masterpiece Classics miniseries.  In episode one alone, I had to google a legal term (entail, noun-form), as well as the year the Titanic sank (1912), just to get my plot and timeline bearings straight.  That being said, this series (which is available for instant-stream on Netflix) TOTALLY appeals to my newly-enriched fascination with high society English history/culture, decorum, traditions, etc.  Plus, there's secret/DEADLY sexytimes, a cheeky cook, gorgeous costumes, and Professor McGonagall Maggie Smith as a Dowager Countess who doesn't know what a weekend is (because, presumably, when one is a Dowager Countess, every day is a weekend).

Minerva, running shit.

I watched three hours of this stuff last night and I'm basically counting down the moments until I can go home and watch some more.  Don't have Netflix? There's a 1 month free trial, and you can get through this whole series in 1/30th of the given trial time.  Still not convinced?  I'll give you my Netflix login/password.  IT'S THAT GOOD.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello, singular reader.  I apologize for my radio silence over the past weeks.  Some exciting and/or time-consuming events have begun to unfold in my little old life, and I haven't had much time for introspective vain life-chronicling.

What's that? You'd like an update? With photos? And, in the absence of photos, MSPaint art? BUT OF CARSE!

1.  The major reason for my lack of posts has been illness.  A sinus infection was treated with a Z-Pack, which caused a clostridium difficile infection. DO NOT GOOGLE CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE.  Just trust me.  I only mention this ordeal because this is the sickest I've been as a Real Life Adult, and I learned some important lessons, which I feel compelled to share here:
  • When you feel sick, go to a doctor.  You are much better off seeing a physician at the onset of your illness rather than in the throes of it, because your ability to do things like, say, drive yourself to the doctor, will only diminish over time.  Take 2 hours out of your life and see a doctor.  They know things and they dispense drugs.  Do it.
  • Go to a legit doctor's office.  Your instinct might tell you to go to the nearest Minute Clinic because it most closely resembles the Student Health clinic from college, which, besides your ladydoctor, is the only healthcare provider you've really actually visited since the pediatrician you continued to see throughout high school.  But you are an Adult now, and you need to establish a primary care physician who can see you quickly, keep track of your medications/health history, and be available for follow-up appointments as necessary.  You will think, "oh it's too much trouble to see a legit doctor, I'll have to fill out forms and wait a week for an appointment."  You will think this because this is often the case with the ladydoctor, but for a general practitioner, this will not be the case.  Yes, you will have to fill out some new patient forms, but they will most likely be available online, so you can fill them out in the 24 hours between your call to schedule the appointment, and the appointment itself. It is extremely embarrassing that at 25 I am just now figuring this out, but I have the sneaking suspicion that this predicament applies to lots of people my age.
  • Dicyclomine is a wonderdrug, but its listed side effects should include "enhanced bewilderment and decelerated time perception while viewing certain art-house films that your well-meaning and more-cultured roommate insists you see together."

2. In the past month, I've attended bachelorette weekends thrown for two close friends by their respective Maids of Honor, both of whom are also the brides' sisters.  I knew that both weekends would be excellent fun and neither disappointed in that department, but I didn't anticipate the realization that one day, I am going to get to throw a party like this for my own sister.  This really, really excites me, and she should begin preparing her liver now.

MOH Channing, MOB Colleen, Bride Jordan

Bride Lisa, MOH Laura

One-day bride Blair, and future MOH myself.
Preview of debauchery to come, courtesy of Chi Omega Owloween '07 - perhaps a Baywatch/Harry Potter-themed bachelorette party is in our future?

3.  Speaking of weddings, my pretend-cousin Lee is getting married in October!  Lee and his brother Devon have been like brothers to Blair and I - their parents are our parents' best friends and also our Godparents, and this will be the first wedding for our little pseudo-family.  I am beyond excited for Lee and his fiancée Allison, who so very generously has included Blair and I as bridesmaids!  We are thrilled to be such an important part of their big day, and I know it will be so special for my parents to watch us stand with their Godson as he says his vows.

I mean, stop. How cute is this??

Beyond the significance of the day and the emotional family aspects of this event, I am also PUMPED for the party.  This is a group that loves to dance, and isn't afraid of usurping the microphone from the paid entertainment.  This can only make for an epic reception.

Mom and Lee

Lee, Evan (Blair's BF) and Dad.

4.  I'm moving!  As of July 17, I will be a resident of Charlotte, NC.  After 3 years in separate cities, the boyfriend and I have decided to co-locate (a term Chris uses, which I think he may have made up, and which I adore for its official-sounding nerdiness).  This is a Really Big Step for the ole relash, but a decision that I am 100% confident is the right one for us.  Besides, who can resist a man with such style?

this shirt was a joke

this shirt was not.

Obviously I am pumped to remove the "long distance" label from our relationship status, but there are some other benefits to calling the Queen City my new home.  Namely:

this person:

and this person:

The prospect of the actual move is stressful, and the thought of living more than 10 feet from these little ladies already gives me separation anxiety:

And see the ginger there?  That one and I have lived together since January of 2007.  The only thing keeping my spirits up about our impending separation is anticipating the comical way in which we will both try to Irish Goodbye each other on moving day.

All that being said though, my cohabitants in the Heartbreak Hotel are all moving on to some really exciting new places and/or jobs, and I am so thrilled for each of them.  I am so proud to call these sexy ladies my besties, so lucky to have met them in the small-world-random way that we came together, and so confident that our annual Friendsgiving reunions will be basically the best time anyone's ever had.

There is, of course, the question of finding gainful employment in Charlotte.  If anyone knows anyone in the marketing/public relations/corporate communications industries in Crown Town (not kidding, that's an actual city nickname), I'd greatly appreciate an introduction!

5. Because this post has been chock-full of cheese, I'd like to close with actual cheese.  Trader Joe's Mini Brie Bites, to be specific.  They're delicious, portion-controlled, and adorable.  That's all.